Hereweare, with our laptops on, coffee cups crowding the desk and a commitment to get your website done on time and to your specifications. Our Services Include : Professional Web Design, Web Development, SEO and manymore!

Professional Web Design

We specialize in increasing brand presence, with compelling and engaging web designs. “Beauty & Functionality”, is ourmotto! Our goal is to always stay relevant with current design trends, which will enhance your online presence and offer customers the best possible experience with your virtualpresence.

Web Development

We have the ability and experience to build a variety of custom platforms, both front and back end.

Content Management

Using CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Prestashop and other CMS to maximise control. Or even build your own CMS, based on yourneeds.


Help unique online retailers trade online to reach your potential customerworldwide


Professional Visual Design

Beauty is nothing without soul and appeal to your target audience. Your branding must reflect your overall concept and future plans. We have 5 years of branding and design experience with numerous firms, which can attest to our competence in facilitating the achievement of yourgoals.


One of our primary designers is possibly the best illustrator on the island. If you need illustration done for the fashion/clothing industry, magazine editorials, print adds or banner advertisement, do not hesitate to come see us. You will never be disappointed.

Photo Editing

Our company provides professional photo editing and retouching. If you need your photos altered for catalogues, online products, a wedding or just for fun, call us! But please… really people, don’t ask us to make you as sexy as Marilyn Monroe in the picture. Only a professional make up artist and a fitness consultant will be able to do it. Or we can just put your face on Marilyn Monroe’s body if that suits you.


ASANKA have over 10 years of experience printing for a variety of businesses. We know our ink and we know our paper, as well as the sourcing and overall process of creating, whatever your heartdesires.

We know our capability. They say the sky is the limit.. which is only half true. When ASANKA has its own factory to create the raw material and all machinery to do the process, then the sky will no longer be our limit. For now, we know our limitations and we are upfront, as well as reasonably priced. Please continue asking and challenging us with new possibilities and get ready to besurprised!



CAPACITY : 10.000 sheets perhour


Pandawa Roastery as the holder of the “Pandawa Coffee” brand is a company that provides various types of Premium Grade Indonesian Coffee for individual consumption, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. various kinds of coffee which are distributed in various processed forms, ranging from green beans, roasted beans, to ground coffee, we also provide roasting services that can be tailored to the roasting profile requested by customers.


Kawista is a hospitality, safety and creative event management that was established in 2018. We are here to give a fresh touch to the potential, events and properties that are managed.

Millennial creators who are dedicated, creative, dynamic and professionals in their fields are Kawista’s assets. We have experience and concepts on how to build a team that synergizes in carrying out each project target. Kawista Bali is not only focused on achievement targets but also how to build a harmonious and sustainable business ecosystem. Kawista opens partnerships with government, private and other legal entities.


Every business has a story to tell. And it can’t be told with words alone. The power of imagery and video is undeniable, and at the very least, they need to be used in tandem with text content to meet today’s expectations. But what if you could have all three? With Content Creation, you can become a storytelling artiste. — Use our digital content creation to make sure your website captures the attention of your audience and helps your website achieve its goals with a rich, personalized experience.

Photography –

Videography –


Tax accounting is an essential part of the operations of every business. Get all your worries sorted with our expert team of expert tax accountants who’ll take care of your accounting needs. We offer the best taxation services like bookkeeping, auditing, and preparation. Our Services Include : Tax, Audit, Legal, Accounting Software, Training and Business Plan


Our best in social media management, that helps you build your audience, increase your reach, generate leads, and much more. We automatically curate engaging content for each platform promoting your business or organization in innovative ways.


Our professional team of designers can help you turn your dream into a reality, with our beautiful designs to make your home or business stylish and comfortable. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your architecture & interior design is extraordinary.


Nothing is more important than your interior design. This is why we help you with all your interior design needs including furniture, lighting, fabrics, wall coverings, etc. We are committed to helping you create an interior that reflects your personal style.