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DARE retreats & workshops offer unique tailored packages which allow guests to design their own format to match the criteria of their group. The brainchild of the director Ros, who is a successful resort designer and adult educator, realised that her expectations for what makes a winning program was set very high and that is just what she has done by developing the retreat workshops - set the bar high by daring to be diverse.

DARE, an acronym for Discover, Adventure, Rejuvenate & Educate, is about having the courage to do something different; to make changes that will impact your life in a special way! DARE is about discovering what is important to build a positive & happy life. At DARE we offer workshops & retreats which have been designed specifically for three main interest areas are Professional Development, Personal Development and Holidays for people who prefer not to travel alone

Our programs are designed to offer an exceptional retreat experience for all of our guests to enjoy. The unique curriculum has been developed to allow the group dynamic to enrich the lives of all those who participate. Our lectures, workshops & retreats provide a guide to 'kick start' away from demanding life patterns by learning to focus on what is important to create an optimistic future & become skilled at the art of positive living!

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