Asanka Digital is a company that specializes in developing websites. With a team of experts with years of experience, we have the expertise to help you build the best website for your needs.

Dynamic solutions
We provide products and services tailored to our client’s needs. Whether it is a simple static web page, complicated dynamic custom interface or specialty mobile applications, e-commerce, responsive web layouts or a multi platform web system. We will provide the most dynamic solutions to your company needs.
A wealth of expertise
We are proud to offer you expert advice and support on-site that will be able to answer all your questions about website development. We work with you to make sure your website is designed with SEO in mind for the best possible chance of ranking high in search engines.
It’s not just about design
At Asanka Digital, we believe that developing a website has more than just design and coding behind it – it also has planning, strategy and execution all intertwined. We offer you an end-to-end approach so that the success of your business isn’t left up to chance!


Dyan Galih Nugroho Wicaksi

Dyan Galih Nugroho Wicaksi is an Information Technology activist who focuses on web and mobile, as well as cyber and mobile security.